Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Doin' Some of This

In a few short hours we'll be off on our vacation. Hope to do A LOT of relaxing, visiting, reading, eating stuff we can't buy here...shopping...

I'm bringing Meital's cotton top to try and finish that up, plus I have what I think is probably enough leftover sock yarn (for making small socks) to last until we get back. I hoping to do some genealogy research, but most of all I want to relax. Just relax.

Even if I don't post regularly here, I will likely be tweeting on Twitter, and checking in on Facebook. I hope to see you at one of those places!


Joansie said...

Have a very relaxing trip...you have more than earned it.

Your daughter is gorgeous!!!! My, how she has grown since I first saw pics of her.

Will watch for you on Twitter.

Grandma Elsie said...

She truly is beautiful!
Have a great vacation seeing your family and a good time.
Are you planning on eating at "The Olive garden" this year?
Or did you find it in Tennessee last year ?
Enjoy and hope the sun shines all the way for you.
Elsie <><

Marcella (kazbels) said...

Enjoy your trip!

I'd love to follow you on Facebook, but I don't know your name there. You can email me from About.com, if you wish.


craftyvox said...

Beautiful photograph of Liat!:)

Have a great holiday - did I read somewhere you are visiting the States?

FB! Gonne look for you there and see if I can find you, if so, I'll be adding you okay?:)