Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Catching Up

How can I catch you up when I keep moving forward? Anyway, here is the bunny I made for Meital for Chanukah. I imagine by next year she won't want stuffed toys, so this may be the last one I make for her, at least for awhile. I didn't make the dress according to the pattern (called The Well-Dressed Bunny - it's on Ravelry for those of you who are members there). In fact, I knit and ripped out the dress several times before coming up with something I was reasonably happy with.

And this is another card, made today, with my new Posh stamps. I used a stipple brush and a multi-colored ink pad called Blending Blox to make the speckled background, then stamped the ivy stamp and the phrase on the card. The sunflowers I stamped on sticker paper and added. Fun and easy! And since I've been watching all of my Dee Gruenig DVDs (and viewing her videos on You Tube) I have a whole lot more ideas spinning around in my head, waiting for a chance to come out!

However, my deadline for sending in the third installment of the Holocaust memoir is drawing near, and I am spending most of my time on that lately. It's very interesting learning about life in the camp of the Bielski partisans.

I did sneak in some knitting today, too, though. Shh! Still trying to finish Avi's second sock, and I'm nearly ready to start the toe decreases, which means I just might finish by Friday night, the last night of Chanukah. Wish me luck!


Joansie said...

I absolutely love the mouse. It's so cheerful!

Where do you have to send in the installments? Did I miss something in a previous post.

Socks for Avi....what more could a man want!!!!

Karen said...

I love the little mouse. And your card is simply beautiful. Is your holocaust memoir a collection, I wonder?

Tama said...

That's a cute bunny!
Meital could surprise you - my sister just turned 20 and she's STILL happy about getting stuffed animals :D

craftyvox said...

Oh what a cutie!

Bonnie said...

Love the 'Well Dressed Bunny'! Is that a Fuzzy Mitten pattern? I made her monkey. Her stuff is too cute.