Sunday, March 25, 2012

Paint the Sky

Here's another page in my altered book, completed a week or so ago. The phrase was taken almost word for word from an ad for paint; the photo of the man carrying his child up the stairs is from the same ad. Not very original, but I liked it too much as it was to change it much.

I do love the idea of cutting out words and selecting a few at random to make up odd phrases, and I hope to do that in my altered book soon. But for some reason the image of painting the sky spoke to me, I guess because it made me think of working for change, making an effort to improve things in this crazy world of ours.


Sandy said...

I zoomed in on the chocolate chip cookies at the bottom. YUM! Nice page. I think the words inspired the colors on the page.

Joansie said...

It's as if the dad is inspiring his child and saying the "the sky is the limit". Love it!!!

Stefanie said...

Very neat, Amy!