Saturday, January 10, 2015

If Hats Could Heal

On Thursday night I had the opporunity to meet a young man whose basketball skills I have admired and respected for several years. He is such a lovely person, I can't tell you how lucky I feel to have gotten the chance to get to know him a little. Avi and I are hoping to invite him (and his wife and baby daughter) over for a meal, soon.

Sadly, his wife and daughter are currently in the US visiting her mother, who has cancer. The family is trying to raise money for all of her treatments and care, and there is a fundraising site with information. Since I was aware of the situation, I spoke with the young man about it, and he told me how hard it was for his wife to see her mother losing her hair (due to the chemotherapy treatments). Of course, I immediately offered to make a hat. And here it is.

The yarn is super soft, and I hope the hat will feel warm and soothing. I only wish I could do more.

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Stefanie said...

Always a big heart you have, Amy. I love the lacy brim.