Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Watercolor Pencils

In trying to learn to paint with watercolors, I've been watching a lot of YouTube videos. A great one by The Frugal Crafter reminded me that I have plenty of watercolor pencils that I rarely use. Time to change that.

First I got out the pencils from the back of the cabinet, and took them all out of the big jar they were in. I remembered how, after buying a set in a lovely tin, I bought more colors in open stock and so had to find a new place to store them, so that they would all be in one place. Hence, the jar. But it wasn't very easy to see what colors I had, or to find what I wanted, and sometimes I worried that if the pencil dropped end first into the jar too hard, the lead inside might break. After some trial and error, I eventually remembered the tops to a couple of square tins that had once been filled with candy and given to my mother in law. She had given me the tins, which I used - without the lids - to store doubled-ended markers. Luckily, the lids had survived the recent purges of unused craft supplies. I glued some fun foam in the lids and now I have my pencils arranged so that I can easily find the colors I want. Plus, I made a color chart so I can see what each color looks like when activated with water.

And today, I actually started a small painting! With me, sometimes the organizing and arranging happens but the art doesn't. Does that happen to you, too?


Anonymous said...

Yes. I'd be too tired to start crafting after all that organizing! I finally picked up my knitting again today after all of this cleaning, cooking, and gift prep. I'm happier.

Anonymous said...

That is smart to organize your color pencils like so. I like to keep them in the order they came. And nonfiction reading is what I see as hardcore. Mine is lighter as it's usually related to knitting or to food.