Saturday, August 2, 2008

In Haste

Here I've barely been updating my blog, and what do I need to do but tell you I will not be posting again for the forseeable future. My father needs heart surgery and I will be flying out to California later this week to be with him, my mother, my sister and my nieces. I will be taking along some knitting, but if my mood today is any indication (absolutely no knitting done on the way home from Jerusalem) I have no clue how much progress I may make. But I must bring it, if only for the security blanket factor.

Please don't give up on me! I will be back mid-month and I truly hope to begin posting more regularly then.

Meanwhile, take care, everyone.


Anonymous said...

Amy, will be remembering him & your family in prayer.
My daughter just came through 2 surgeries.Gall bladder and a tumor the size of a small football around her left ovary & tube.
May God show you traveling mercy as well.
Elsie <><

Joansie said...

You, your dad and family are in my prayers that your dad will have a successful surgery and speedy recovery.
Take good care of yourself...hugs to you!

Ann said...

I'll keep a good thought!

Sandy said...

My sincerest wishes on your dad's speedy recovery. Think good thoughts about your dad and send a positive message of love out into the universe. I believe this helps in more ways than science can document. We will await word that he is well and hope that you can find some relief in being there with him. Your knitting will be there for comfort if you need it and we will be here when you get back. Take good care of yourself during your trip. That is quite a plane ride, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness Amy. Anything I can do while you're in California, let me know. Bay Area, right?

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry -- and here I thought, assumed, you were on vacation. what an accumulation of jet lag! It took me 24 hrs last time to get from Bucharest to Amarillo. I imagine it was worse for you.

I take my crosstitch on the plane. I've received some curious looks from stewards but the needle passed security. I use the blunted ones on the plane :)

I've also taken skeins of yarn that got tangled and needed rewound. that filled a bit of time.

Susan 360