Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Birthday, Meital

Thank you to all who wrote asking how I am doing. I simply haven't had much to share with you lately. But today I do!

My little girl turned eleven today, and we've been enjoying a lovely day.

Yesterday, Avi took the girls to Jerusalem so that I could finish up today's surprises. First, I finished up the bee toy I made, based on a Jean Greenhowe pattern:

I planned out the traditional Treasure Hunt for the Gifts. Then I baked a plain, unfrosted cake (per Meital's request) for her birthday breakfast. Last night, after Meital finally fell asleep, I snuck in and decorated her room with balloons, crepe paper streamers, heart and star cut outs, and the felt wall hanging we have have been using for years. The main part of the hanging says Happy Birthday, and at the bottom I pin little banners, each with a letter of the birthday girl's name.

Meital loved her gifts, which also included a couple of ePets and some art supplies from her uncle, a kids' cookbook in Hebrew from her sister, and two science project books from Avi and me. She and I made chocolate mousse, which we will eat after her spaghetti dinner.

Happy birthday, my sweet Meitali!


Joansie said...

Oh, Meital is so lovely. She was born the same week/year as my Nicholas.

I love the bee you made her. I may have to make that one as I have a "bee" baby outfit pattern that would go with it.

Thanks for sharing all the pics.

Happy Birthday to Meital.

LizzieK8 said...

Best wishes to Meital! Glad to hear you're okay and all is well with your family!

craftyvox said...

Happy belated birthday to your lil girl!!

I totally ADORE and am in love with that little bee!!!