Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Crazy Time

I'm sure many of you are in the same predicament as I, crafting madly in an effort to provide lovely gifts and/or cards for your friends and loved ones for the holidays. Still, I apologize for how long it has been since I last posted.

Above you see the socks I knit for Avi, in Opal. Last year, I knit him socks for the first time, by his own request, using up scraps of leftover sock yarn. The resultant stripey socks came out pretty well, and he wears them every night during the winter. I decided to make handknit socks for Avi a Chanukah tradition, but this time I knit the socks from a new skein of yarn. A year from now, if all goes well, he'll have what I was taught was the requisite minimum of any item of clothing, as per the following scenario: a pair in use, a pair in the drawer and a pair in the laundry.

Right now, I have one other completed gift. Another is nearly done. Then I have a number of other things in various early stages of development. Cryptic as that is, it's all I can tell you for now.

So I'll leave you with a gratuitous shot of baked goods, in this case a caramel cake, and wish you all happy crafting!


Anonymous said...

Amy, beautiful socks!
Aw I can see the pounds to my waist line just thinking about that delicious cake. Your family is blessed. Such a great wife, mother , & keeper of good things for your home.

Karin said...

Yes your family sure is blessed.

I had 4 people ask me for socks this year! How cool is that...they have no idea they gave me a gift with that. I get to spend my time doing what I like best!

Joansie said...

What a great tradition to be knitting socks for Avi!!!

You are such a great baker! I can almost feel the warmth, aroma and tastiness all the way here in very cold Vermont!

Tama said...

Your socks look really great - I am in awe - this scarf is complicated to me right now, lol!
I've got one out of seven gifts done; I'm about to go mad. Isn't it fun? ^__^

Jill L said...

Love the cake! Recipe?