Friday, January 23, 2009

Bet You Thought I Forgot

Okay, it's understandable. I haven't blogged about cross stitching in a long time. I also haven't done much cross stitching in a long time. But my friend Tama is currently working on a project I also happen to have in my unfinished objects (UFO) drawer, and she has inspired me to pull it out. I first started working on "Frederick the Literate" a long time ago, in a stitch along with some friends on the cross stitching board. Their Freds are long since finished, framed and hung - most likely in a place of honor. Mine, meanwhile, languishes in the abovementioned drawer. But Tama has encouraged and inspired me, so I pulled Fred out today and took a photo before getting back to work on him. I haven't done much, mind you. We're very busy with translation work and I've got stuff coming up next week that needs to be dealt with, so I really only put in a few minutes' work today. But after I've done more, I will post a progress photo.

Of course, I still haven't worked on Mother's Arms in a long time... In fact, I have at least three works in progress (WIPs) - sounds better than UFOs, doesn't it? - that need attention. But just because I'm not stitching doesn't mean I don't think about these projects, not to mention all the other gorgeous charts I purchased because I absolutely knew I must make them! It's the same malady no matter what the medium; whether you're a knitter, stamper, stitcher or whatever.

The other thing I got done today (aside from translation work, of which we suddenly have an abundance) is to finish up these toddler-sized socks, made from Knit Picks Simple Stripe yarn leftover from a pair of socks I made for my mother-in-law quite a while ago. I have since cast on for a pair of Better than Vanilla socks for me, using Opal Magic yarn given to me by the pattern designer, the incomparable Judy Sumner. What a wonderful lady! It is thanks to her that I knit socks at all, and I had the great pleasure of lunching with her and spending some time in the yarn shop where she teaches and assists knitters. She gifted me with some lovely yarn while we were together, and I immediately knew I would knit it up in one of her many fabulous patterns. I very much enjoyed making the Better Than Vanilla socks for my niece several months ago, so I decided to make a pair for myself.

Tomorrow will be spent (at least partially) working. Luckily, the three projects that came in this week are not rush jobs, but we will do our best to get them done as quickly as possible, since next week is rather full.


Sandy said...

You are really being productive. Wasn't that part of your New Year's resolution? If you keep going in this manner, you will easily meet your goals. Even better, soon you will have a pair of socks for yourself. Yay! Love the colors and patterns on these socks.

Joansie said...

The socks are lovely, Amy. Very cheery colors. Cross-stitch....oh, aida cloth is yellowing in the drawer as we speak!!! Yours is so pretty and you already have so much done on it.

Tama said...

Whoo hoo! Go you! I knew he'd meow at you until you got him out! :D
I'll be working on mine tomorrow and thinking of yours... he's adorable! I may have to backstitch mine's face - I forgot how cute that little face was! The kit picture doesn't do him justice.

Those socks are REALLY nice! I love the colors.

LizzieK8 said...

Again, I envy your ability to do more than one craft at a time. Someday, when I live all alone and have no time constraints on my day, I might attempt a design like Frederick or Maggie.

Socks are gorgeous!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE! Trena said...

Hi AmyS! I see you are doing all kinda artwork! I really like the colors you use! I'll be visiting to get some inspiration!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!