Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Card and a Mystery

I had such fun making this valentine for Meital! The design was posted in a tutorial on Splitcoast Stampers. The piece on the left is the envelope, the card is on the right. I used chalks for coloring, in two ways I'd never tried before. The dolls were colored using a blending pen, which is basically a pen filled with a thick, clear ink. I touched the tip of the pen onto a corner of my little pans of chalk and sort of painted the stamped & embossed image with the wet chalk. The small hearts on the envelope and the large one on the card were done using a Perfect Medium ink pad(also a clear, thick kind of ink) to ink the images, then the chalk was added using a soft, broad-tipped brush almost like the kind you'd use to put on blusher. It was fun trying new things, and I love the soft look of the chalk. I think Meital, who loves pastel colors, will like it, too.

And here's today's mystery. Can you guess what kind of plant this is?

I've done a little work in my altered book today, but I really need to get some more valentines done. I never did get around to making any to send out to my friends and family in the U.S., but I at least want to make cards for Avi and the girls. If there's time, I'd also like to make the somewhat traditional bookmarks I give the girls almost every Valentine's Day.


Bobbisox said...

Hi Amy, that looks like a Potato plant to me. At least from the photo you posted. Long time, no see.

Sandy said...

Your card is adorable. I am stumped by your plant. It looks like some of the wild stuff that grows out back.