Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Getting Ready

Of course this card wasn't ready in time to mail to the U.S. for Valentine's Day, but a pretty card (if I do say so myself!) is appreciated anytime, right?

Of course right!

I stippled and sponged a bunch of different blue inks onto a glossy postcard, then stamped a variety of Posh images on that, again in several shades of blue. The picture is a photocopy of a photo taken of my grandparents in New York City in 1925. I love my grandfather's spiffy socks! And I can't believe he's wearing a jacket and tie in July. Ah, those were the days...

I've also made a few more backgrounds, all ready for use in Valentines for my family. Some were made with Blending Blox ink pads (rubbed directly on the cardstock) and some using my Rainbow Sponge (which, by the way, is being discontinued by Ranger and is available on sale at Stamp A Mania!).

In other news, it turns out the pain and stiffness I've been feeling in my left shoulder are the result of a frozen shoulder. Yes, just like Avi got last year. Sigh. I may be able to get a cortisone shot for the pain, but first my doctor wants me to have a bone scan. That's happening next week. Meanwhile, the activity that bothers my shoulder/arm the least is stamping. I just wish I had more time for it. Work is very busy, lots of things to translate. And I have knitting I'd love to finish by Valentine's Day (to go along with the cards), but knitting isn't completely comfortable. I have, however, made fair progress on Liat's sweater, and am trying to finish up a little elephant for Meital (who has for some reason loved elephants since she was little...Maybe because when she was just a few hours old Liat brought her a tiny pink stuffed elephant?)

I very much hope to have more things to show you soon. Meanwhile, keep warm!


Joansie said...

Amy, the card is beautiful and I love seeing pictures of older generations.

Sorry, about your shoulder. That is not fun!!! I just got a cortisone shot for my leg and it has helped quite a bit. Keep me posted.

Sandy said...

how's the shoulder? Hope it is better. The card is lovely and you are right, it is never too late for a card.