Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pinwheel Card

This card uses up more of my scraps from the big messy pile on my table. The design is from the Pinwheel II tutorial on the Operation Write Home website. Since this card is a Thinking of You card and uses punches, I suppose it also qualifies for the Midweek Throwdown, but I'm not sure if it's kosher to post more than one card. I will have to check! I really love the colors in this card, and am so glad I was able to find a design that would use up the scraps I had.

Today I am working on finishing up some knitted Christmas gifts, but I am still thinking about card designs to make. Maybe if I make enough progress today I will take the time to make some cards tomorrow.


Jean B in PA said...

Your card has a cheerful, almost magical feel to it. Very nice!

Kathy said...

Hello Amy, I wanted to thank you for leaving some feedback on my blog about "this" and "that". Sorry you find it hard to follow sometimes. I thought I would explain that it can cut down the time on my posts. It usually takes me close to two hours and if I explain everything it takes longer. I will try harder to be more clear. Happy Holidays, Kathy

P.S. Love your card :)

Stefanie said...

That is such a cool pinwheel!