Thursday, October 25, 2007

Getting Things Done

Here is the finished Baby Surprise Jacket. I added a collar and cuffs. Joansie advised me, and I also looked at a couple of patterns for baby sweaters and saw what the recommended sleeve length was for the chest size I had. I hope it will fit someone! Now, how many of you recognize the yarn I used? (Hint, if you've read my 360 blog in the past, you likely will recognize the yarn). I only had three buttons in the size and color I wanted to use, so I closed up the bottom two buttonholes.

Another thing I got done was this ATC for a swap at The theme is penguins, but I'll bet you guessed that. These stamps are all by Dee Gruenig Signature Designs (formerly Posh Impressions). I call this The Dispute, because I think the penguins look like they're arguing over whose fish dinner that is going to be! Once I get these ATCs on their way to the swap hostess, I need to get started on the next swap I signed up for. It's called Play on Words, so I really need to put my thinking cap on!

I had another great day at the community center. The kids are so sweet and enthusiastic. I wish I had time to spend with each of them, every visit. But there are at least 14 kids there each day, and only one of me. Today I helped Ortal (5th grade) with a math worksheet and a worksheet on Yitzhak Rabin, the former Israel Prime Minister who was assassinated 12 years ago.

Now that the BSJ is finished, I'm going to get to work on Liat's Doll Bag. I'm about halfway done with the leg on the second sock, and I've been working on another surprise for Meital. It is alot more elaborate than Bun-Bun, and I think she will be very surprised and delighted by it. I would estimate I still have another 4 - 5 days' work ahead of me, so I'm shooting for a week from tomorrow for the big "reveal."


Anonymous said...

Your knitting is great and the "50" card idea was awesome. I was put in touch with you by Yarnlady. I am from NY living in Israel for a year. I was wondering if I might ask you a few questions about yarn shops and craft supply stores. Thank you

Sandy said...

I haven't been to your site this month. You have been busy! The penguin card is my favorite. I agree that they look like they are in dispute over the fish. Also, the baby sweater is so beautiful. Anyone would love that as a gift. Your sister is so lucky to have you as a sister. She will remember the 50 cards forever!
Sandy M.