Saturday, July 19, 2008

Oh, Yuck

The knee sock, she is giving me fits!

Today we went to Jerusalem, and we all know what that means. All the way there, I knit diligently on the knee sock for my niece (yup, I'm still working on the first one). By the time we arrived, I had added at least another inch to the length.

Had lunch with the family. Fabulous time. Had a nice chat with my newly-returned BIL. Sat down to work some more on the sock. And was blindsided by the fact that I have been Yarn Harlotting myself with this dad-blamed sock. No matter how much or how fast I knit it, it is still turning out butt-ugly. Self-denial at its finest, as it were.

Even my increases looked bass-akwards.

Shoved the thing back into my bag and worked on my back-up project (good old garter stitch washcloth) all the way home. It's nearly done.

Once I was safely ensconced at home (and no longer in a moving vehicle) I called out my favorite singing group, the Caribbean Amphibians (anyone out there remember that Sesame Street song?) who sang a rip-roaring chorus of Bye-Bye Knee Sock. (For those of you who don't knit, ripping out large portions of knitting is known as frogging "rip it, rip it". Wildly clever, no?). Now I'm back where purple meets teal blue.

But I fear not. I've got a new plan (and a new way to walk).


Joansie said...

Not sure if my comment went through or not so here it is

Bet you will like/love the sock when it is done.

Enjoyed the little video clip. It made me smile.

Sandy said...

Doing some blog walking this morning and thought I'd pop in to say hi and see what you're working on. I love the colors! Sounds like a tedious project though. Hope you like it more as time goes on.

Welcome mats always out, please stop in for a visit,

LizzieK8 said...

If you can't see it from a horse going by at a gallop it's not worth fretting over.....

Perfectionism does have it's drawbacks, doesn't it?


I'm sure you'll be happier when you get to where you were!

Anonymous said...

The picture opened up and I went ooh, I like that one! It's cheerful!

Jill L said...

Well they look good to me. It will probably be one of those gorgoues projects taht you'll never do again!

Miss hearing form you and I hope all is well.

Galilee's Page said...

Just dropped by to see if you were still there. I learned to knit (loosely speaking) when my son was born - needed sweaters but found I'd rather do other things. But wow do I love to see knitted products. Lucky neice. Hope you are having a good rematch as it were.

Bobbi said...

Hey Amy, it isn't like you to take time away from the blog. Computer problems? Or many project being feverously worked on?

Sandy said...

Did you get the socks worked out to your liking? I like how they look with the colors you chose. I can't imagine what you will like better. Hope all is well and that you are finished (or almost finished) with the floors.