Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Now We're Back to School

That's more like it. Obviously, we got the traditional Back to School photos taken today. Back in the days when I used to keep up with the girls' scrapbooks, the first page of every school year featured an individual shot as well as one of the two girls together. But as I have already confessed here at Bag of Chocolates, I am way behind in my scrapbooking. Every June, I tell myself that I will be able to take advantage of the relative lull summertime provides, and get caught up.

Yeah, right.

Oh well, we all need our dreams.

Avi had to go to Jerusalem today, so I pretty much wasted the morning trying to track down some information at Ancestry.com and a few other genealogy websites. No luck. In fact, I'd go so far as to say, no manner of luck at all!

Except, of course, you know...bad luck.

Maybe I should get a tee shirt to go along with the other one I want and don't have yet ("I'd Rather Be Knitting"). The second one would say, "I Could Have Been Knitting." At least then I'd have something to show for all the hours of this day.

Think like Scarlett...Think like Scarlett!!


Joansie said...

I'm so pleased that you posted a pic of the girls. They are beautiful and growing up so fast.

Not finding info on geneology really is not wasted time as you were working on it. Next time will be the winner.

Sandy said...

I still haven't scrapped my kids back-to-school photos and now I don't know where they all are. That was before the days of digital. I even have film that hasn't been developed in YEARS. Sigh! You can work on the scrapbooks with all your free time now that the kids are back to school.