Friday, September 5, 2008

Productive/No Photo

I didn't want to let too much time go by before posting again, though I don't have any photos to show you today.

We've made good progress on the big translation project, so I had some time for artistic endeavors. I've been trying to make cards using the brushless watercolor technique, from Tim Holtz's blog. I've now made four card fronts (two each of two different designs) and when they are all put together I will share them with you here. I've learned a lot from the process, and will probably go back to this technique in the future.

And while we're on the subject of art and stamping, I have had fun doing a little birthday shopping for myself. I've got two orders in, one at Sunday International and the other at Addicted to Rubber Stamps. I am so excited to get my new goodies! I have a few weeks before they get here, so I am going to go through my existing supplies and weed out things I don't use or want any more.

I am nearly done knitting the front of Liat's light blue V-neck top. Once she tries it on, I can finish that up and start the upper back. Shouldn't take too long to get that finished. Maybe before the yarn for Meital's cardigan arrives, I will be able to finish up a couple of other works-in-progress.

Like the knee socks for my niece. No, I haven't forgotten them. I'm just ignoring them. I am nearly to the top of the first sock, then I'll need to add the ribbing and the afterthought heel. I'd like to get the pair done by early November, so I'm going to have to get serious about those socks, and soon.

The last piece of news I have is that I did some baking today. It's been awhile; it's just too darn hot to bake most of the time. I made my usual eggless oatmeal cookie recipe, but added chocolate chips instead of raisins. I'll be baking again tomorrow, too: Meital is having a few girls over to swim, and I promised to make brownies.

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