Thursday, March 13, 2008

Another Day, Another 3.40 Shekels

Yes, today was another work day. I made some last changes on the resume, then Avi and I finished up the latest rental contract. Then I discussed a project with another client, but work on that will have to wait until tomorrow morning. With luck, I will get that done quickly and have some time to work on my own projects!

Last night and this morning, I knitted a few rounds on my top-down raglan pullover (the one I'd hoped to finish by the end of this month. As of now? Doesn't look likely). I also did a bit on the second Waving Lace sock, and am creeping up on the heel flap.

I also managed to work a bit on the infamous milk carton project, which I have decided to enlarge. I am getting impatient to really get started on that (so far, it's all been "prep" work). But before that, I need to get busy with my project-on-a-deadline: Meital's Purim costume. She wants to dress up as a chef. So far, the apron is nearly done, but I also need to make a chef's hat! Plus, she wants me to bake cookies (not exactly a traditional Purim treat, but then chocolate chip cookies are always in season, aren't they?)

Kids in Israel will be celebrating Purim at school on Wednesday, 19 March 2008. The actual holiday is a day off from school, so the costume contests and other festivities take place a bit early. This means that I now have less than a week to finish up Meital's costume. If we don't get too much more work in the coming days, I should be fine. Otherwise, it will be another pre-Purim all-nighter for good old Mom.

Meanwhile, tonight's basketball game is in Spain, so while we're gathered around the TV I plan to knit something. Anything! After the last couple of days, I need some knit therapy.

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It's always interesting to learn about your culture! Thank you for sharing!