Saturday, September 29, 2007

Don't Wake Up the Giant!

I have always been one of those people with more hobbies than time (or common sense, for that matter). One of my greatest passions, for several years, was cross stitching. It only faded into the background of my consciousness when I got interested in scrapbooking, and from there, rubber stamping. While I have renewed my interest in stitching from time to time, it has largely stayed on the fringes of my awareness for the last several years. Most likely, a contributing factor in this was the fact that as I get older, it gets harder for me to read the charts (which, of course, can be enlarged on a photocopier) and, worse, see the fabric. I have many beautiful projects, abandoned while in progress, that are very close to completion, if only I could work up the enthusiasm to finish them! But the more time passes, the less interest I have in trying. And that's just sad.

But, as you know, I am facing a challenge and a deadline. I still have 22 more cards yet to make in honor of my sister's 50th birthday. And since the theme of these cards is 50 Things I Love About Linda, and given my former passion for stitching, it seems only right that I include in the list the fact that my sister also enjoys cross stitching.

It occurred to me that there would be no better way to reflect that than to make her a card with a cross stitched insert. Luckily, I have a decent library of tiny patterns available, and I chose one that is only 25 x 21 stitches. Shouldn't take me too long to do. And who knows? It may even awaken the sleeping giant that is my love for this pleasurable hobby.

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Sue said...

I cross-stitched for years, too. I keep saying I would like to work on one of my many unfinished projects but knitting seems to take over all my crafting time. I'll be interested to see if the "sleeping giant" does indeed wake.