Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tag and Pocket Card

I got the idea for this card from the Go Make Something website. She has some great free printables you can use to make something similar, but I decided to make my own tag from cardstock and use one of the library pockets I have on hand. The crumpled looking background paper is something I picked up at a local art store several years ago, and never got around to using, until now. My yarn stash is not the only thing I need to start using up!

Here is the tag, out of the pocket. This tag is a nice combination of gifts (the fibers, the postage stamp from Holland), found images from newspapers and magazines (the signpost and the compass), and an image from a bag of pasta (the head in profile). Depending on the kind of pasta you buy, you get small images of different Roman heads on the plastic package. I've been saving them for awhile now, knowing they would come in handy one day!
Of course this is a card for my sister. Today I worked on numbers 24 and 23, but they're not quite dry enough to glue together yet. I really need to whip up some fast & easy cards, because I'm starting to feel my deadline approaching at warp speed.
I spent much of the rest of the day working on the sock for my niece, and it's really coming along nicely. I'm nearly ready to start the toe decreases.
And Avi has saved the day, and given me his flat screen monitor. The old clunker I had is history. It's amazing how much more space I have on my computer table now.

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