Thursday, April 17, 2008

It Starts...

Here is my first pair of mittens for the Mittnz 2008 blitz for Native American Support. I used the free pattern called "Gifted" by Kate Gilbert. This pattern calls for bulky yarn, and has several unique features. One of the best things is that after you knit the thumb, you crochet it closed then keep on knitting, using the same working yarn. I messed up the three needle bind off at the top of these, but now I know better and will finish my current pair the proper way! This is the Woman's size.

I must still be feeling the influence of Kristin Nicholas, because I decided these mittens were just too plain. My free-hand embroidery skills need work! (See why I like using waste canvas, Eva?).

In other news, Liat's bag was a big hit at school, and the Top Secret Gift has left the building. And no, Bobbi, I'm not going to give any hints whatsoever! I'm nearly done with the first mitten in pair number 2. This pair is Man sized. And if I don't finish off the rest of my bulky yarn with this pair, I'll just have to figure out a way to use up the scraps.

I started a new knitting project last night. It's a Jean Greenhowe design called Jelly Babies. Meital requested blue, so that is what she's getting, even though I have learned that actual jelly babies (the candy) don't come in that color.

Joansie asked how long it took me to make Liat's bag. I checked in my journal, and I found that I started working on her bag on March 30th. Less time than I'd thought! And if I had only worked on the bag, it would have taken even less time. The most time-consuming element was that cross stitched symbol. Once that was done, the rest came together pretty quickly.

Tomorrow, we're headed to Jerusalem to help my MIL finish preparing for the Passover holiday. Then, we'll go back on Saturday evening for the festive meal known as a seder.


Joansie said...

I sent my daughter the link to your bag as I think it is so unique! Mittens look great and can't wait to see the jelly babies. What do you think...jelly babies are unisex and ok for a boy?

LizzieK8 said...

Your mittens are great and congrats on getting your first pair done! I'm glad everyone like the bag as much as all of us did!

I've looked at the jelly babies...I have always had such bad luck making dolls....

allie aller said...

Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog, so I could follow you here...all the way to Israel!
Have a beautiful Passover..and keep on knitting!

Jill L said...

Adorable! Love the little flower details!