Friday, April 11, 2008


Yesterday evening we finally finished up the week's work (which included another couple of articles to translate). Then the moon moved into the seventh house and Jupiter aligned with Mars, and I cooked dinner for the second time in one week. We all survived.

In more interesting news, I got quite a fair bit done on the Top Secret Gift for Someone Very Special. It's not done yet, but it's a lot closer to completion, thank heavens. Today I got a few things done on Liat's bookbag, and even worked on making my apple-themed crazy quilt patch look almost normal enough to attach to a tote bag. I'm in the process of sewing on some bias tape around the edges (by hand, thanks to the various beads that would more than likely be broken, or break my sewing machine needle, should I attempt the sewing by machine). I hope to have something to show you in that regard in the next day or so. The sock is now past the gusset decreases, and I'm working my way toward the toe. With any luck, I'll work on something this evening, too. Liat is planning to go out to a movie with friends, so perhaps I'll get more done on her bookbag.

Tomorrow we're having some good friends over for a barbecue lunch. It will be lovely to spend time with them, but not much crafting will get done.

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Joansie said...

You are my inspiration when it comes to crafting and working on those single socks.

Solution to the barbecue friends coming to a show and tell of your crafts and get them interested in crafting when they visit.