Saturday, October 25, 2008

Special Visitors

I had to smile when I read Alison's post on Thursday. The timing was just perfect. Because today, we were honored to have two very special guests in our home, cousins Birgit (above) and Ruth (below). Birgit and Ruth, who are sisters, are visiting in Israel from Sweden. And they are my father's second cousins.

I think I am the first in my family to meet these two delightful ladies. We had such a wonderful time, talking and laughing together. I had prepared a list of questions (yeah, that's the way I am), but as it turned out, I somehow or other already had the answers to most of them in my files. Clearly, I didn't prepare enough beforehand. But I learned a bit more about this branch of the family. More important, we met two truly wonderful people and had a terrific time together.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful women! And it's one thing to know the answers, another to get them talking about it and to hear it from them and have that personal experience. And they're from Sweden? Hey! We must be cousins, right?

Joansie said...

I agree with Alison. What beautiful women!! How exciting that they were able to visit you and share that family bond!

Love it when you tell me about your relatives.