Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Meital's Surprise

When Meital went on her overnight field trip last month, I knit her a toy (no surprise there, right?). When it came time to put the finished toy in her room to await her return, I decided it would be fun to put out all of her soft toys (I'm weird that way). I've already talked about how Avi and Liat worried (correctly, as it turned out) that seeing all of the toys would remind Meital of the one she had lost (still working on recreating Buzz Buzz, by the way). Still, she and I both enjoyed the display.

There were toys on the bed, on the shelves by the door, on her desk, pretty much everywhere. She's got Beanie Babies, Care Bears, hand knit toys, an American Girl doll (not a soft toy but a cherished gift from a wonderful cousin), freebies from McDonalds, gifts from friends and family, and more. I had a lot of fun arranging them in conversation groups, and at one point thought about adding little speech balloons above some of their heads, but in the end I flaked out on that. I also neglected to count them, but then I don't really like numbers very much anyway.

This is the newest addition to the family. Well, actually, that's not true because just this past Friday I gave Meital (and Liat) something new. Stayed tuned for a post about the Squidgy Beanbugs.