Monday, March 4, 2013

Knitting Update

It has been awhile since I brought you up to date on all of the knitting I've been doing, so here we go. Above is a little set I made for a young man born on February 22. I suspect these items will be too big for him for a while yet.
This is another pair of size 18 men's socks for our dear friend. As you might imagine, it can be tricky finding socks that fit comfortably when you wear this size. I am planning to make several more pairs in the coming months. This is what was left of the grey yarn I used for the last pair I made for him. to avoid confusion between the two pairs, I added a single round of blue at the toe here.
Now that Liat has finished the army (after two years and 102 days), she is ready to have some fun! She and Avi will be going to Barcelona next week to see a Champions' League soccer game. Avi asked if I would make a hat for him, in case it is cold outside during the game.

I am currently working on another baby sweater and also trying to finish up the pair of socks I started for Meital months ago (in the hopes of giving them to her for Chanukah). I am nearly done with the second sock, and will be very glad to finally be able to give them to her.

Of course, I have plenty of other projects waiting in the wings! Including knitting up another scrap swatch to use as texture for my mono printing. What are you working on?

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Gelli Plate Fun

At long last my Gelli Arts Gelli Plate has arrived! I got the smallest (6" x 6") size and while I love it, after only using it twice I am sure I want the medium (8" x 10") size. Maybe this summer I'll pick one up while we're in the States, along with some of the cool stencils I've seen online. All of the raves I've read online and heard on YouTube are true! This thing is so amazingly fun and addictive. I have only just barely gotten started using it and I can't wait to play some more. One of the things I was itching to try while I waited for the Gelli Plate to arrive was to use knitting as a texture...I knit up a 7" x 7" piece of 1 x 1 ribbing using up scrap yarn and as you can see in the above photo, the background on the right uses the knitting as a texture. How fun! Now of course I'm dying to knit up all kind of other patterns to try them out on the Gelli Plate. I love the idea of combining two of my favorite hobbies into one project.
One of the other textures I tried and loved was some of that rubber shelf liner. I happened to spot some on a trip to the hardware store with Avi (who of course couldn't figure out why I wanted it, lol).  Part of the challenge is going to be figuring out ways to use these backgrounds...some might get made into cards, others will become backgrounds in my art journal. I have seen people cut up their backgrounds and make them into mosaics, which also looks really cool.

Off to do more mono post I will catch you up on some of the knitting I've done lately.