Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Birthday, Linda!

Today is my wonderful sister's birthday. She opened the last of the 50 cards this morning. (You may recall that it was the square-shaped card in bright yellow and orange, with a stamped sun in the center). So I guess that endeavor can finally be considered complete. It was great fun for me, and I think I learned alot.

We worked quite a bit today on a translation project. But I managed to squeeze in some time for fun in my craft room, and here is the result:

These four gals are for an Artist Trading Card swap called Women with Wings, over at ATCards. Most of the examples I've seen so far are rather on the serious and artistic side, but somehow I was overcome with a sophomoric urge toward irreverence (no surprise there, eh?), and this is the result. If all goes well and the glue dries quickly, they'll be in the mail tomorrow. I only have three, no four, more swaps to get done. I can't seem to stop signing up for them. They're like potato chips, or something...

Aside from knitting a bit on Meital's sock, I haven't done any knitting today. Maybe later this evening. I have alot to do!

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Anonymous said...

I'm a little late but Happy Birthday to your sister. I enjoyed seeing the many cards you made for her.