Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Big Finish

It's now mid-way through December, and I'm thinking about the end of the year. I'm starting to summarize all I've done in 2007. I'm casting an eye at the remaining days on the calendar, wondering how much more I can accomplish before the year is over.

Today, I can add two more completed items to my list:

The Children's Bulky Neckdown Jacket by Knitting Pure & Simple (otherwise known as a "swoat" by Meital: sweater + coat = swoat) is finished! Believe it or not, I made the size 2-4 and it is loose on my admittedly skinny 10 year old. But instead of using the called for size 10 needles, I used yarn that calls for size 11 needles, so I used the larger size needles. Meital loves it, and it should fit her through this winter, at least.

Yesterday afternoon Liat asked me if I would be insulted if she bought a hat. We have been through the hat thing before. She looks at the patterns I've found and pronounces herself dissatisfied with all of them. But yesterday she picked out the Ribbed Caps pattern (check the hat listings at Knitting Pattern Central for the URL) from my binder full of hat patterns, then selected some yarn from my stash. By this morning, the hat was completed, and tonight she has gone off to a party wearing it. Gotta love that.

Back view.

And finally, in non-knitting news, I have finished up one of my revamped soapboxes. The orange/red/yellow one is gradually being given a coat of varnish and was unavailable for a photo op today.

And now, off to see whether or not I can finish Liat's gloves, my Samus sweater, one last pair of socks and the Doll Bag before midnight, 31 December 2007!

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LizzieK8 said...

Playing Ketchup with all your 2007 projects? I kinda did that, too, frogging those I'm not going to ever finish. :)

The swoat is gorgeous! Can't wait to see Seamus finished.