Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Once upon a time there was a simple, rather homely, garter stitch afghan.It was made many years ago by a budding knitter, who knew little about appropriate sizes for things and could only work the knit stitch, but who loved to knit. Apparently, she also knew nothing about the differences between acrylic and wool yarn, for she used both in the same project, which she proceeded over the coming years to dutifully machine wash and dry as needed.

The funny little aghan was loved and used, especially by the knitter's young daughters. But one day, the knitter finally opened her unobservant eyes and realized the thing was hideously deformed. The wool yarn, you see, had felted quite nicely over the years. And the acrylic...hadn't.

So one blustery winter day during school vacation, the knitter and her daughters unravelled all the acrylic yarn, and rolled it into balls. The felted pieces were set aside to be repurposed as...something else. (Tune in later). It was agreed that the salvaged yarn from the old afghan should be put to use as part of a new afghan. The new afghan will be made up of many cute little knitted fish.

To be continued...


Joansie said...

I think I know that person who knitted the afghan and has two daughters!!!! :>)

Anonymous said...

And the old felted bits could be cut up into a fish mobile to match! Or hot pads. Or you name it. Wool is such useful stuff.

LizzieK8 said...

"The funny little afghan was loved and used, especially by the knitter's young daughters."

That says it all!

I made a scarf for Eldest Granddaughter's first grade teacher out of fishies. She loved it!

Looking forward to the next installment!

Tama said...

What a neat idea!
I've pulled out old things before, but usually just made little granny squares with them. You're so creative!