Friday, September 16, 2011

We Love Babies!

One of Meital's good friends, Alina, has a brand new baby sister and naturally we needed to make and give something to little Bar (don't ask me to explain Hebrew names, some of them make absolutely no sense...).

The little knitted bunny took very little time to make, and fortunately for me I had a baby card already made and waiting to be used. The words say Mazel Tov, which is a really good all-purpose sentiment to use on cards here. Too bad no one makes any really pretty stamps that say Mazel Tov in Hebrew. I used a stencil here.

I'm finishing up another toy for donation...hope to have that done this weekend. Happy Friday, everyone!


Joansie said...

Absolutely sweet!

Sandy said...

She will be so happy to give this to her baby sis. Love the pink.'

Stefanie said...

What a sweet bunny; I can see the bebe curled up w/it or clutching it while sucking a thumb.