Tuesday, November 15, 2011

For the Littlest Ones

This is the preemie blanket I made for the NICU at Dominican Hospital in Santa Cruz, California. I won't be able to color in a new state on my map, but I will be able to warm up one of the very littlest humans. The blanket makes me think of a doll blanket, though I tried to make it to the specifications suggested. Hoping to get it in the mail tomorrow.

If this purple yarn looks familiar, that's because I bought a whole, huge bunch of it thinking I would use it for an afghan for Liat. In the end, she and I decided not to use this yarn for that project. So far the skeins I purchased have become a sweater for her, a hat for a friend of hers, this blanket, and I don't remember what else! And I still have plenty left. Sigh. I am doing the best I can to use it up, so expect to see more purple knits in the next year.

A goal I've set for myself over the next year is to knit up all of the 100% acrylic yarn I've got in my stash. Yes, the colors and great, yes it's easy care, yes it's affordable, and yes it's soft. But whenever I knit with 100% wool (either superwash or not) I realize how much more enjoyment I get out of the knitting process. So I've decided to use up my acrylic and try very hard not to replace it with more of the same. I really like some of the acrylic/wool blends out there, like Plymouth Encore, and will continue to buy them. But no more 100% acrylic. I'm just not feeling the love anymore.

I want to send a big thank you!!! to my friend Joansie who wrote such a nice post about me on her blog (not going to link it because that would be pretty egotistical, I think). She is a sweet and lovely friend and I am very lucky to have her in my life. Some other time (once she's added another post or two to her blog) I will link so you can see what a great blog - and what lovely projects - she has.


Anonymous said...

Lovely blanket Amy. If you wanted to check WA state off your list you could send me a pair of socks out of that same yarn. I love the feel of knit socks on my feet and purple is one of my favorite colors.... I believe I sent you my "foot" size a while back...LOL

Stefanie said...

Vibrant color for a little teeny one. Preemies are so small; I think that size is perfect b/c it's not like the parents are going to cover her from head to toe.

Joansie said...

Thank you for your kind comments, Amy. You deserve all the praise I gave you on my blog.

I'm with you. I have lots of acrylic, nice colorways but hate to knit with it. I like Plymouth Encore as it is my choice of washable yarn when I knit for children. However, their other yarn "Plymouth Beenzies" is absolutely horrible. I will be posting about that one as soon as I get the baby sweater done.