Sunday, January 5, 2014

What's Been Missing

My wonderful friend Joansie and I made a pact to update our blogs more regularly in 2014. I realized that while I have been showing you a lot of cards in my more recent posts, I have been neglecting my knitting projects. So let's play catch up. Above is a Christmas gift I made for a lovely young couple I know, who got married over the summer.

These little stash-busting mice went into a box of various small toys that I sent to my friend BeLinda who, together with her amazing daughter CeeCee is the force behind Elephants Remember Joplin, an organization that donates toys to kids who need them.

This bit of silliness was something I put together for Meital, just for fun. I hid the bees all around her room, and she had fun finding them. She works so hard in school, I thought she could use some fun.

And here is Meital in the sweater I made for her. The pattern is from a very old magazine. I must say, while I am glad to have tried entrelac knitting, I hope I never do it again! I really did not enjoy how fiddly it was. Of course, knowing me, I may change my mind one day.

You might have heard about the snowstorm and cold spell we had here in December. The snow stayed on the ground in Jerusalem for something like two weeks, which is unheard of! I whipped up an extra hat for Liat with a little more length so she can pull it all the way down over her her ears. Even the normal winter weather is colder in Jerusalem than here, so it will come in handy for her I am sure. She is working very hard in her studies (law and business) at the Hebrew U.

These adorable frogs were designed by Phoeny of Phoenix Knits (check her out if you are on Ravelry). They have elastic running from one front foot through the body and to the other foot (the yellow feet are not attached to the legs in front). You can shoot them sort of like a slingshot, tons of fun! I made these for some twins I know whose third birthday was the day after Christmas.

This little Barn Cat is from the book Spud and Chloe at the Farm by Susan B. Anderson. I made it for a little girl I know for Christmas.

This cowl was actually a scarf that stalled and was left languishing in a drawer. Liat mentioned maybe wanting a cowl, so I got this out, measured it and realized it would work. I picked up the cast on stitches and did a three needle bind off to join the ends. It is very soft and cozy, and now I think I want a cowl for myself!

There are a few other things I have finished lately, but this is awfully long so I will save them for another post. Happy 2014!


Joansie said...

Oh my gosh! What a wonderful post. Thank you to you also for being my blogging buddy. I'm not sure which of your projects I like the best. The entrelac sweater is gorgeous. The afghan....well, what a lucky couple to have received such a beautiful gift. I think I may have to knit those little froggies for my grandchildren.

I have to say that your daughters will have many wonderful memories for years to come for the knitting, some fun, some practical that you have done for them.

MargoLynn said...

I loved walking down your items. The mice and the bees are so cute! And the entrelac sweater really looks nice. Isn't it wonderful to have appreciative children?

MargoLynn said...

I loved walking down your items. The mice and the bees are so cute! And the entrelac sweater really looks nice. Isn't it wonderful to have appreciative children?

Unknown said...

OMG I just love your knitting! How beautiful. You are very good at everything you do!

Stefanie said...

Wow! It's so great to see these projects. You made so many cute toys. The mice were my favorite. I really love your daughter's sweater. And that blanket. It's beautiful.

stampingground said...

I'm so glad you are posting your knitting projects. I love all of them. I especially love that you got the languishing scarf and repurposed it into a finished, useful garment. I love the animals...they would be fiddly for me. Too small. Good to see your work again! Happy New Year! Laela