Friday, November 14, 2008

Cookies Interruptus

Now, see...that's what I'm talking about. I tried to be a responsible adult, and look where that got me.

I did all my chores (well, most of them) like a real, honest to goodness grown up. Then I went to make another one of those huge batches of chocolate chip cookies. Didn't really notice the time, except to realize that now I had some available.

There I am, innocently minding my own business, creaming the butter and sugar together in the good old Kitchen Aid, mixing together my dry ingredients like a proper little baker, when...all of a sudden...

Avi walks in the kitchen and says, "Are you sure this is the best time to make cookies?" (Pirates of the Caribbean aside: too bad he didn't say, "You don't want to be doin' that, mate." But oh well).

"Um..." said I, with my typical brilliance. I looked at the clock. Oh. Three in the afternoon. And I'm the one who asked Avi to make a roasted chicken for dinner. Check.

So, I finished up the dough and stuck it in the fridge. Avi's down there now, wrapping up the bird to put it in the oven to slow cook (it's wrapped in foil so it will stay juicy). And I will be making cookies after dinner, instead of before.


And on a different note, I give you:

My Go Team! socks (pattern available here). Of course, mine say Maccabi Tel Aviv. But you knew that they would.

And to further satisfy your sockish cravings, I present the first completed Chanukah sock for Avi (need to cast on the second one) and the start of a sock for Meital. The yarn was a gift from a sweet friend (thanks, Ellen!).

And that's it from here. Wish I had a cookie (grumble, mumble...).


Joansie said...

Too funny, Amy! My dog's name was "Cookie" (clue) which tells you a lot.

Love your team socks! Absolutely beautiful! I bet a lot of people who love your team will want a pair.

Jill L said...

So funny! Cookis for dinner sounds good to me! The team socks are great!

LizzieK8 said...

Doncha just hate it when you are sure you have the whole day, afternoon, whatever, wide open for whatever and then you find out you planned something else? I do!

Lovely socks!

Sandy said...

You might end up with a bunch of orders for those socks. Do you have time to make them for others?They are great. How do they wash? Is the yarn pre-shrunk? You are being so productive. Cookies, socks, work... You go, girl!

Tama said...

I wanna cookie, too!
Your socks look great!