Sunday, February 8, 2009


"...a stimulating task or problem."
Webster's Dictionary

Every Thursday a new stamping challenge is issued at Club Posh. They are always fun, and often inspire me to try new things or revisit old tools or techniques. This week's challenge was more complicated than usual. The challenge was issued on 02.05.09, and we needed to use exactly the number of items specified: 2 colors of cardstock; 5 stamped images (they can be all the same or different); 9 different supplies. It took some thinking and fussing/fidgeting, but I think I've got it. The two colors of cardstock I used are pale blue and white, the five stamps are the wall of blocks and the cast of characters, and the nine supplies are: ink, paper trimmer, bone folder, sponge, template, scissors, adhesive, Coluzzle, and a glitter pen. I call it Igloo Apartments.

In case you are wondering if there's any knitting going on in the midst of this stamping marathon, fear not! Above you see one finished wristwarmer and the start of the second. These are done in Schaefer Anne yarn and are for my sister. They are progressing slowly, but they are progressing. Luckily, she lives in Northern California, where it's cold even in the summer!

This is the first in a pair of socks for me. The pattern is called Better Than Vanilla and is available on my friend Judy's website. It's a free pattern, and it's easy to remember and fun, too. What more could you ask? The yarn is Opal Magic, which was a gift from Judy. What a woman, talented and generous! She has a book of sock patterns coming out soon, and I can't wait to get it.


Joansie said...

I think you have it figured out, Amy. Do a variety of crafts, boredom doesn't set in and they all get done. Love the socks! (and the card!)

Ann said...

I really like seeing the stamping/cardmaking that you do. So very creative!

Tama said...

That card is ADORABLE!!! and congrats on your progress with the knitting! I need to get my scarf back out :D

Bobbisox said...

The green magic is one of my favorites; I think I bought 4 skeins of that as I love mint green.

Jill L said...

The knitting is great. I used to stamp a lot and I would have loved the challenges. Its a great way to learn new techniques and try something you would not have therwise! Have fun!