Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hurry Home

Bright and very early this morning (6:40, to be exact) Meital set off on what is her first-ever overnight school field trip. She'll be back tomorrow, but... she's my baby and aside from a few sleepovers with her grandmother and her friends, she hasn't been away from home overnight before.

Before the trip she was very excited, deciding what to pack and picking out the snacks and treats she wanted to take along. She called earlier this evening, sounding very happy and enthusiastic. I was thrilled and relieved.

But she just called again, in tears. Why are kids so mean to each other? And is there anything worse than being far away and unable to do anything when your kid is miserable? By the end of the call she seemed better, determined to deal with the problem.

I just hope I can get to sleep tonight.

She should be home in about 23.5 hours.

Hurry home, sweetie!


Joansie said...

Immediately, when I saw the picture, I choked up. Then I read your post and choked up some more. Leaving the nest, even for just a little while, is never easy.

Hugs to you!!!!

Grandma Elsie said...

Amy, you poor dear.Girls are so mean & that is the truth. But the good thing about this age is that they hurt each others feeling one minute & are great friends the next.I bet she was a bit homesick as well. hope she's home by now. Elsie <><