Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Can't Count

As you can see, the problem with my browser seems to be fixed, thank goodness! I finished these Sockotta yarn socks for Liat a while ago, but couldn't show you the photo until now. This is actually the third pair of socks I've made in 2009; I forgot about the pair of toddler-sized socks I made early in the year. Now I'm working on a baby sock using leftover Lorna's Laces. Looks like it will be baby and toddler socks for the duration at this point, until the weather cools down again.

I still haven't finished the sleeve-less cotton top for Meital, but I have worked on it. And I finished one washcloth and started another; I need to make four to give as part of two hostess gifts I am putting together.

We've been busy with translation work, and I finally cleared out the carpet in the last room to still have any. I've made some progress in Meital's scrapbook, but hope to get more done. I've also been writing a family history narrative that I hope to finish in time to give to my father when I see him next month.

And that's mostly it from here. Tonight is Meital's graduation from sixth grade party and show. She will be performing in three dances, so it should be fun!


Grandma Elsie said...

Amy, glad to see you are back up and computer bugs worked out .
I have installed IE 8 and it has bugged me from day one. I am going to have to get my daughter over here to work on it.
Hope graduation goes off with lots of fun.

Joansie said...

Love the socks. I have a similar pair. I like Sockotta a lot and Kaleidescope no longer carries it (sigh). Seems nice to see you back on Blogger with computer problems resolved.

Karin said...

My daughter finished 6th grade yesterday also! Congratulations to Liat. :)

Amy I accidentally deleted the email with your address (yes I am hanging my head) -- could you please send it to me again? Thank you. :)

Karin said...

Sorry, Meital! (I need to slow down.)

kazbels said...

Glad to hear the problem with your browser has been resolved. I'm in awe of the number of socks you knit. I've taken the plunge and found working with five needles impossible, and four slightly less. So now I'm trying the Magic Loop method. I refuse to be defeated by socks! LOL


Tama said...

Cute socks!
and congrats to Meital!!!

kazbels said...

Having found the instructions on the Magic Loop method to be somewhat unclear, I'm back to four needles. I having an somewhat easier time this pass.

Sandy said...

Glad the computer gremlins have been exterminated. Great job on the socks. I like the colors.