Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Project Night Night

Project Night Night is a very special organization that operates in several states, distributing tote bags containing a book, a small blanket and a soft toy to homeless children. I originally intended to send my offering to the chapter in San Francisco, since I am originally from the S.F. Bay Area. But in the end I decided to send this bunny (pattern from the wonderful book Itty Bitty Toys by Susan B. Anderson) and blanket to the Michigan location. I meant to mail it yesterday but got sidetracked by a translation project (remember one of my favorite sayings? "I like work, but it sure breaks up the day." True, so true). Meital came to the rescue and schlepped the box to the post office for me. Yay, Meital! And now the map is up to 7 states.

The blanket has a story behind it. Many (many) months ago, a friend of mine here in Israel asked me to knit a blanket for an expected grandchild, due in January. I did, and duly called her when the blanket was ready to tell her to come and pick it up. She never did (and never called, either!). I figured eight months was long enough to wait, and now the blanket is on its way to someone who will use it. That's a good feeling.

Now I'm working on something that will go to Warm Hats, Warm Hearts - a group that collects and distributes scarves, mittens and of course hats to folks who need them in Vermont and upstate New York. I've added a few more ideas to the list that sits on my computer table, for future projects. Ravelry and Facebook have both been great resources for finding service organizations in need of knitted items.

Lest you think I've given up my multi-tasking ways, I'm also working on a birthday present which can't be shown here at Bag of Chocolates. Yet. Stay tuned.


Joansie said...

You are just too sweet (and so are your daughters). Thank you for knitting for Vermont/New York flood victims. It will much appreciated.

Shari Winterstein said...

CUTE! You are such a blessing dear friend. Love and hugs - Shari

Stefanie said...

You are on a roll! That bunny is so sweet. I can't believe your friend didn't come and pick up the blanket! Glad it went to somewhere who'd appreciate it and love it.

nancy blanchong said...

What a great place to donate to! That little bunny is so adorable! What child wouldn't want to curl up with a blanket and him?!

Sandy said...

The bunny is so cute. I can't believe how quickly you are getting these done. I still have my daughter's baby blanket that was lovingly knitted by a friend of my mom's. I hope to one day give it to my daughter's daughter. It is one of the things I would grab if there was a fire.

So glad you are moving toward your goal of donating in all 50 states.