Friday, January 13, 2012

Finishing Frenzy

After dragging my feet on quite a few projects, I finally found myself in a position to finish up a few things. First up is this cute little gift bag. I found the pattern, called Sweet Stranding, on Ravelry. Next time I make it, I will make some changes. For one thing, the base forms a punt like you'll find on the bottom of a wine bottle, which suggests to me that a few rounds of knitting need to be taken out. Anyway, I also want to make the bag a big wider and taller, because it occurred to me that if it were bigger it would make a cute way to gift wrap a pair of handmade socks, using up the leftover yarn from the socks.

I am especially tickled about this finish, because these babies are for me! I've got them on right now, in fact. I love all the colors and the way they change and blend. Next up will be a pair of socks for Meital.

I finished something else today, but I can't show it to you yet. I hope to do so in my next post. And finally, I am very, very close to finishing the pullover I've been making for Liat. I think I can get it done today, and that will make four finished projects in two days. Go, me!

I read an interesting idea on a blog I like, about choosing a word that will be the word of the year. I am going to use the word the blogger used a few years ago when she first started this practice. My word for this year will be "simplify." It's something I've been trying in a very disorganized fashion to do for a while now, cleaning out cabinets and getting rid of clutter. I hope to accomplish more in that area this year, but I think it would also be a good idea for me to think about ways I could make my life simpler and less stressful. Sometimes it just seems like there's too much going on. Do you ever feel that way?


Stefanie said...

Oh boy? Are you kidding? I've got hecka decluttering to do up in here and it has yet to begin. Debating on whether to follow the Chinese New Year tradition of cleaning the apt before the first day.
Cool socks! Love how they're for yourself. Do you gauge beforehand? My Monkey socks fit but they're not snug. I have a teensy bit of room to move around in. I guess I didn't gauge right.

Shari Winterstein said...

The bag is so cute and filled with chocolate - heaven! I love your socks. The world is a better place because I don't knit or crochet - but I love the things that you do. I've been decluttering for a while - now if I could just make myself do this in the stamping room! Have a wonderful day and stay safe. :)