Saturday, January 21, 2012

Missouri and Virginia

This little fellow is en route to an amazing organization called Elephants Remember Joplin. I urge you to read about Cee Cee (age 9) and her wonderful, loving heart. She reminds me of another young girl, whose compassion led to the founding of Hannah's Socks, based in Ohio (you may recall I sent a package to them back in September).

If the colors of this hat look familiar, it's because I used some of what was left of the very nice Red Heart Soft yarn I bought to make a scarf for the Alabama Special Olympics. This hat is on its way to Virginia, where it will be donated to an organization called ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation. The ASK part stands for Assistance, Support, Kindness. I think that really says it all.

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Stefanie said...

Love you Amy. I like how you're so relaxed about this goal and send like one item to each organization.
I had always felt I would have to send a lot. I think you're going to inspire me.