Friday, March 23, 2012

High Hopes

Here is a spread I did in my altered book a while ago. I've been so busy working in the book (and learning new things online) that I have fallen behind in posting updates. I really love the quotes I found for this layout. Click on the photo to enlarge it so you can read them. In fact, I love the idea of combining art and favorite sayings, quotes, song lyrics and so on.

I am determined to finish up this book before embarking on a new project/art journal. I guess I'm just anal that way. If I had the soul of an artist I would probably jump around from journal to altered book to whatever, working on whatever I felt inspired to do. But the truth is I try to be organized in what I do, even when it comes to artwork. I am also trying to employ the "use it or lose it" philosophy as I continue doing collaging and painting in this book. So far I have thrown away a number of dried up paint pots (of course I saved them because it's easy enough to add a little water and revive them, but I have so many bottles and jars that have just a little bit left in them, so I am pitching them out).

I also finally got up the nerve to go through my modest stash of National Geographic magazines, circa 1998. They are tons of fun to use in collages (working on one right now, in fact) and I figure it's better I cut them up and use the pictures and words instead of leaving them pristine and intact (well, dusty and intact) on a bookshelf.

Baby steps.

This craft room cleanup WILL be accomplished one day!

Oh, and you'll notice - no mention of knitting in progress. I really need to get back to some things I've been working on! And I actually do have a small knitted item to share with you. Next post, I promise!


Joansie said...

I love the book. How many pages will it be? What a great idea to use National Geographic. I used to have a huge collection of them years ago.

Sandy said...

Altered books are ADDICTING! I counted 22 books that I think are finished and probably have another 10 in progress. I just thought about working on one the other day, but grabbed a handmade journal instead.

I like this page spread, especially the lady and frog in the corner. They just make me happy. and I too use quotes and songs for inspiration. Nice work and can't wait to see the knitting.