Saturday, November 10, 2012

In Balance

Over the last several weeks I have been working a lot in my art journal (the composition book given to me by my lovely friend Caroline several years ago). Sometimes I just stipple or sponge ink onto the page before stamping, gluing, doodling, and writing. Other times I glue in pieces of other papers like magazines, gift wrap, etc. and use spray inks. Sometimes I glue two pages together and then put gesso over the page, to make it a bit stronger before I add acrylic paints to make a background. Sometimes I make collages with pictures cut from magazines and my own scribbles.

The book is filling up nicely, getting a bit puffy as you might expect with all the added stuff going into it. I am trying to use many of the supplies that I've been hoarding for years, because really what's the point of having those things if I don't use them? I wonder if it says something about my selfishness that I find it easier to use those hoarded items in the journal rather than on cards, because the journal stays here with me.

I've also been thinking abou the way I go on these jags (remember when your kid would only eat one particular food for awhile, then would switch to something else?). In this case, my jags run from spending most of my time knitting, or making cards, to reading or doing art journaling. I realized that the vast majority of the time, I knit and make cards in order to give those things to other people. I love doing it, it makes me very happy. But sometimes all I want to do is read. That is something that is purely for me. Same with the journaling. I do it to please/amuse myself and no one else.

I guess that makes for a good balance.


Stefanie said...

I think this is such a great idea, Amy. A composition book of art is like a drawing book of creativity - no loose pages. Do you only create on one side tho b/c the paper's thin?
I love how you're so well-rounded! You're such a great role model mum.

Joansie said...

Nice treasure to reminisce over the years. I what your heart desires!