Monday, November 19, 2012

No Frills Ribbon Storage

Yesterday I dragged out the oversized shoe box I've been using to store bits and pieces of ribbon in, and decided to straighten out the mess. Everything was just mooshed in there, except for the two rolls of ribbon you see in the background, above. That is the only ribbon I've purchased for card making. Ever. In over 13 years of stamping/cardmaking.

All the pieces you see wrapped around the cardboard salvaged from my "to-be-recycled" box were either given to me or saved from various gift wrappings, clothing tags and so on. The gorgeous blue ribbon right in the middle came from my niece's wedding favors (ahem...I may have snapped up a few ribbons discarded by some of the other guests. What can I say, it's my favorite color!).

Now that I can actually see what I have, I have started to use my ribbon, yay me. Maybe if I use up enough of it I will actually consider buying some... Ooooooh.....

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Stefanie said...

You are such a role model for organization, Amy. Inspiring to read how it all gets you to use up what you have.