Tuesday, January 14, 2014

In Progress

It has taken me a long time to realize that I don't have to wait until projects are finished before I blog about them! So, here are some, yes only some, of the things I am currently making. Above is a little teddy bear (nearly finished now) that will soon be making his way to a little sweetie who is about to celebrate his first birthday. Pattern is availble on ravelry, and is called Big Bad Beauregarde Bear, by bjfromnv. Unfortunately, I have not yet figured out how to do links in the Blogger app. I am using Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool.

Hmm, this picture looks a bit blurry to me, if it does to you, too, I apologize. This is a crocheted (Gasp!! Shock!) blanket made up of leftover scraps of worsted weight acrylic yarns, for me. Turns out I live with a blanket thief, so desperate times call for desperate measures, Abubu.... (Ha, name that Disney movie).

I am also making some Valentines to send to Cards for Hospitalized Kids. Stamp is an old one by Penny Black. I got the cool metallic corrugated cardstock at my local arts and crafts store. The red and white (soon to be pink, thanks to Distress Inks) scraps were left over from my Christmas cards. Gotta stay on top of those scraps or they multiply like bunnies!

I actually do have some finished things I could show you, too. But not in this post, of course. This is for in progress only. Hope the day you've got in progress is going beautifully.


Joansie said...

Love that bear. It looks so cuddly. I like to see works in progress so keep at it, Amy.

Stefanie said...

Your stitches are so neat and tight with that bear. It looks great. The hooked blanlet is awesome happiness. The Valentine's stamp is cute.

Corrine said...

How's that bear coming? ;)