Sunday, January 24, 2016

Get Out of Jail Free

Many years ago, my husband received this game as a going away present after working for an organization for five years. He was insulted, to say the least. After letting this game take up space in our home for over twenty years, I was all set to throw the pieces into the recycling, when I had one of those "I'm havng a thought here, Barbossa" moments. (Still in love with Captain Jack Sparrow, can't be helped).
A thin coat of gesso applied with a card. That's better already.
Might as well stick with the theme. The printed pages were the game instructions.
Whoa! Just a little too bright, maybe? Actually, by this point I had already painted, gessoed over, and repainted the background. 
Adding marks. I used a stencil, the edge of a credit card, bubble wrap, the oval plastic piece that comes in a stick deodorant, and the circle is the extra handle from a cooking pot (long story). The solid white rectangles were made with a sponge, and the open small, white squares and rectangles were made with the bottoms of a house and a hotel from the game.
I waned to use lots of elements from the game. The tree was painted in black acrylic.
Adding details. I stamped a swirly line over the property cards using Staz On ink, used the Community Chest cards (enhanced with paint) for the windows and doors. Tree was accented with a Posca pen and a water-based Sharpie poster pen. 
I smudged white paint around the houses and upwards to soften some of the brightness of the sky and to create the illusion of fog. I added shading to the houses with colored pencils, did outlining with various pens, and covered the windows with Glossy Accents to make them shine.
The back.


Unknown said...

wow this is recycling at its best love the end result something to be treasured :)

annielou said...

This is absolutely wonderful....but I do not think I could do this to one of my board games !!!!! Have not touched them in years but there are just some things I could not re-purpose !!!! But I could go to GOODWILL and get one to create with !!!!! PS: I am from RI and I see that it is on your list . . . .

Jewels said...

This is such an awesome idea! Well done.

Denise Bongiovanni~ said...

Awesome, I've been buying cheap board games from yard sales for years, I knew they would have a good repurpose somewhere along the way!! Thanx for the inspiration!