Friday, December 9, 2016

Good Thing I Love Him

First of all, please believe me that the colors in this blanket are not really this ugly. The olive green is not quite so yellow, for one thing.

Anyway.... there comes a time for me in every large project where I just want to call in the house elves to get the thing done. I don't usually mind sewing blocks together and weaving in ends, but this is getting old. The good news is I am halfway done! Actually, I've done five rows of six blocks, and have only four rows to go. So yay, me.

Large projects like this mean fewer finishes to share. But I'm hoping a progress report will give me the push to finish this blanket and get it to our nephew, who is studying medicine at Ben Gurion University. It gets pretty chilly in the desert during the winter, you know.



Deb said...

This really nice! Manly colors.

Joansie said...

Great job! Lucky nephew!

Weaving in ends.....I now knit my in as I go. Something new I discovered how to do recently. So much easier.

Anonymous said...

That is dedicated work there.

Jessica B. Hensley said...

I think it's so cozy. I think the colors are perfect for a man. I can't wait to see it finished!