Saturday, December 17, 2016

Made My Day

The other day I got a text message that made my day. 

Six weeks prior, I had donated a bunch of hats, cowls, and fingerless mitts to an organization that serves at-risk youth in my city (the photo only shows a small sample). The coordinator, Oren, even came to my house to pick up the stuff, which is almost unheard of. He is a very sweet guy, who showed me the van they use to drive to a different neighborhood each night. The van is outfitted with a small table and a couple of benches, plus a stack of plastic stools, games, everything needed for making coffee and tea, and - for this time of year - blankets. He explained that the teens they meet are very hesitant to accept help, including gifts. He told me they would probably wear the things I made while they hung out with Oren and his volunteers, but would leave them behind when they left. He explained that the teens he sees do have a place to sleep at night, though it's not what you and I would call "home." 

A week later Oren sent me a bunch of photos of the teens wearing the things I had made. Is there anything better than getting pictures of the gifts you made being enjoyed? I asked Oren what else I could make for them, more mitts perhaps since I didn't get a chance to make many pairs. He replied, thank you so much but what we have will last us for quite a while. I confess I felt a bit sad, because I wanted to think the teens would keep the hats and things, and enjoy them every day - not just once a week when Oren came back to their neighborhood. And, selfishly perhaps, I wanted the pleasure of making more things for them. Certainly I had not been able to make enough that every teen Oren sees would get something.

Then the other day, Oren texted to tell me that the teens loved what I had made so much that the things were all gone, and would it be possible for me to make more. Wow. Of course it's possible! 

I don't think I can describe how happy it makes me to know that these teens felt able to accept a gift, to feel that they deserve to have a hat of their own. I hope they can feel the love that went into each stitch, and know that they are lovable just as they are.


Barbara said...

What a heartwarming experience and stellar compliment to you and your knitting skills!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to have a follow up of your donations. They may have enough right now but one day, he'll be calling you for some more ^__^.

cynalune said...

This is wonderful!

Joansie said...

That is so wonderful! I've not knitted anywhere near as much for charity as you have but I've donated to "Head Start Kids" and often thought how wonderful it would be to be somewhere and see one of those kids wearing one of my hand knits. I'm happy for you.....and it is inspiring.