Friday, November 2, 2007

Busy Day

May I present the Duck Family? They're from the Jean Greenhowe book, Knitted Animals. Meital is thrilled and delighted with them, so I'm very happy. I've already started another toy for her, an octopus. I have a list of six toys she wants me to make for her (for now). I could knit only for Meital and still be busy until the end of my days!

Here is what my ATCs for the Club Posh Winter/Glitter swap look like. The stamps are all from the Dee Gruenig Signature Designs (formerly Posh Impressions) Snowman set, for those who are interested. I had added little dots of glitter glue and considered the cards done, but my girls convinced me to add more glitter, so I I put it on the snowflakes. I'm not sure if you can see that here, but they are very sparkly in person.

I spent part of the afternoon making more ATCs. They were cards I had started awhile ago, then set aside, likely because I couldn't figure out what to do next. I got five cards done, and it feels great. I will show them to you tomorrow (the glue is still drying). I also took out a background I had done on heavy watercolor paper and not been happy with, and added another layer of color on top of what was there. I used colored walnut ink, and this time it looks alot better. Once that's dry, I can use it for backgrounds. I also added some gesso to a number of magazine and catalog photos of models, and soon they will be dry and ready to alter. I want to try out some more of my new art supplies, so I hope tomorrow will be a productive day, too.


Jill L said...

Love your darling dick family

Anonymous said...

I think it is wonderful that Meital has a knitting wish list. Those little characters are so adorable.

Rika said...

How cute!

craftyvox said...

Those little duckies are adorable!