Wednesday, November 21, 2007

No Time

I'm barely holding my head above water, here. You may or may not know that Chanukah starts in less than two weeks... I am trying to make secret gifts for all three of the other people who live with me, and it's getting a bit crazy-making. Every time one of them leaves the house, I try to remember which project is for that person, and start knitting as quickly as possible. I've finished knitted items for my sister and nieces, but want to pick up a second component before those go in the mail. Gifts for Avi and the girls are: leftovers socks for Avi, fuzzy scarf for Liat (and the Doll Bag, if at all possible), and an octopus toy for Meital. I'd also love to make a London Beanie for Avi, some gloves for Liat in Koigu, and a washcloth for Meital (her request, believe it or not).

I did recently finish a pair of socks for Meial in Opal Feelings, but I haven't had time to upload the photo to the computer yet! I also had a productive period, art-wise, recently. Here are some ATCs I sent off for a swap:

The theme was A Play on Words. I had no idea what to do for the longest time, then one day while thumbing through an old bartender's guide, I found these drinks recipes. Perfect!

We've also been busy with translation work, which hasn't helped with the holiday gift-making. Reminds me of a sign my father used to keep on his desk: "I like work, but it sure breaks up the day."


esther said...

I like them Amy!! Hope to recieve one of yours in my returns heh.

Bobbisox said...

I can't wait to see the Opal Feelings socks!!! I started some more socks this week; or actually last week. Not that I finished the others, but I love to start socks. LOL.