Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Not Too Shabby

Today Avi and I went downtown and picked up The Wave. I am very pleased with the framing job, and will certainly go back to the same place once Mother's Arms is ready for framing. This is, believe it or not, the first time in more than 20 years of cross stitching that I've had one of my pieces put behind glass. It seems a bit weird to me, but I know it will keep the needlework clean. The wooden frame is painted in the "distressed" look, which I think suits the picture pretty well.

I thought I'd show you a progress photo on the crazy quilt block for my denim purse. I'm nearly done with the embroidery on the seams, then I'll add beads, buttons and perhaps a few more flourishes. Then I'll sew it to the denim and finish up the bag. Not as good a job on the embroidery as I'd hoped I'd do, but then this is why I like to make the first of a new thing for me. Hopefully by the time I work on the girls' bags, I will do a better job. The embroidery, once the waste canvas has been removed, is a bit loose against the fabric of the block. Not really sure how to fix that, but I do have a couple of ideas. I also need to plan better when choosing thread colors to use on printed fabrics. Still, I'm having a lot of fun with this, and am looking forward to trying more new things. I ordered some silk ribbon and a book on silk ribbon embroidery last night. Liat's bag is going to have a sport theme, but I want Meital's to be very feminine and girly. Next year, when she is in sixth grade, she will be going to a great many parties (in Israel, girls celebrate their bat mitzvah with a party at age 12), and a pretty little bag for her cell phone and a bit of money (and maybe a hanky?) will come in very handy, I'm thinking.

I also need to get into high gear on Liat's bag, which as you may remember will be made from the top of a pair of my old jeans. I've been working on the cross stitched piece for Liat's bag, and thinking (and thinking, and thinking) about how to accomplish the rest of the ideas I have for her bag. Lizzie pointed out that this type of bag often has a scarf or belt put through the belt loops of the jeans, so I've decided that is where the knitting will come in. I've been feeling doubtful that knitted lace would work out on this bag, and now I've realized the belt is a much better idea.

I'm hoping to use Kool Aid to dye some of the lovely off-white handspun yarn I was given several years ago by my friend Ellen in Arizona. Then I'll look through my 365 Stitches a Year perpetual calendar for a pattern and get busy on the belt. It will be longer than a lace edging, but knit on much larger needles!

I'm nearly at the toe decreases on the second sock for Meital, and I'm almost done with the knitting for the Top Secret Gift For Someone Very Special. Then there will be some sewing up to do. I also worked a bit on my milk carton project today, but I really need to spend at least an hour on it sometime soon, to make enough progress to justify posting a new photo.

Liat left very early this morning on her class's annual field trip. They are in the southern part of Israel, and won't be back until tomorrow night. I miss her terribly - we all do. Thank goodness for cell phones!


Joansie said...

The wave is so beautiful and I'm glad you are pleased with the framing. Is this the piece that you were going to wait to see what your brother-in-laws reaction was going to be and then decide whether or not to gift it?

Jill L said...

The Wave turned out so well and I am glad you framed it to show off you needlework

Tama said...

That framing job is beautiful - I think, if I ever get mine done, I'll have it framed very similarly. Your embroidery looks lovely, as well!

LizzieK8 said...

The framing job turned out fantastic! I've only had a few things framed, too, and as gifts.

Can't wait to see the finished purses