Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Quick Hello

I can't believe how much time has gone by since my last post! We spent Saturday in Jerusalem, and as you can see I got a fair bit of sock knitting done. I am just loving this Cascading Leaves pattern, and the Cherry Tree Hill Supersock yarn. I keep wishing these socks were for me! But I am also happy thinking how much my sister will enjoy them. I have plenty more yarn in my stash, too, though not in the brand and colorway. So there's a good chance I will make some Cascading Leaves socks for me one of these days. I've got some pretty Koigu that would look just fabulous in this pattern...

I had my first try at Kool Aid dyeing the other day, and you can see the results. This wasn't what I was shooting for, but I like it anyway. Next time, I'll try a couple of things and see if I get more even coverage. The yarn was handspun by my friend Ellen. I'm going to knit this up into a belt to go through the loops on the jeans purse I am making for Liat.

Of course, at the rate I'm going she may well be a grandmother by the time the bag is done! We got five separate translation jobs on Sunday, and have been steadily working our way through them. Today we got another one, and there's a good chance that we'll get two more tomorrow. It's good to be this busy with work. Tiring, but exciting.

I miss my crafting time, and my Internet time, though! Things may slow down by Thursday, so I hope to have more things to show you then.


Joansie said...

Yes, your sister will enjoy those beautiful socks. I haven't attempted to dye yarn yet but you are encouraging me.

Bobbi said...

Your cascading leaves are really going fast, and they look especially good in the CTH color you chose. I like that you are dyeing the yarn, I bought some Easter egg dye tablets to dye some of the Knit Picks bare, but haven't used it yet. I envy you all your energy and ambition. I know I am getting old when that seems like work to me. LOL.

Jill L said...

I love this pattern and the yarn you chose is one of my favorites. Your sister is lucky!

LizzieK8 said...

The socks are very pretty. Gorgeous pattern, and although I'm not a real "green" fan, that's a very nice color.

Kool Aid dyeing generally doesn't cover like other dyes do. I think it has to do with the fact the acid is in the dye pot before the yarn goes in. But it's one of the reasons I like KA dyeing.

You can try dyeing it again with the same color and it may even it out some.