Saturday, August 30, 2008

Finally, Photos!

I think I have figured out how to use my fabulous HP Photosmart C7283 All-in-one! I mean, I've used it for printing (but only a little), and for scanning. But today I tried uploading photos from my camera's memory card into the computer. And I think it worked! Let's see if I can figure out where on my hard drive the photos are stored...

First off, here is the gorgeous piece of art my friend Sandy sent me. I think it is stunning, and I am enjoying it while I work in my stamping/art room.

Here is one of the gifts I made for Liat's birthday. May I present Puss in Boots? Liat thinks he needs a sword, but I say he is into non-violent solutions to his problems. Of course he is a Jean Greenhowe design, from the book Knitted Animals.

Hmmm, what else can I show you? Ah, here is the collage I made for Liat's friend's birthday right before I went to California. Liat brings me the images of the people and things her friends like, then I put them together into a collage. It's fun trying to find ways to incorporate a photo of the girl with one of her favorite pieces of beefcake. Here, I've got Leonardo di Caprio (spelling?) dreaming of Liat's friend.

And this is a card I just finished yesterday. I used my new Adirondack Color Wash sprays on the background (Butterscotch and Cranberry). The image of the woman is from Collage Stuff, the clock (or whatever it is) came from a magazine. The stamp is from the Netherlands. The outline leaf image is by Posh Impressions, as is the solid leaf on the border. Swirls and spatters are by Close to My Heart.

And that's about all I have to show you for now. Avi and the girls are off in Jerusalem, while I am home trying to do about 17,962 things before they get back. Here's a sample:

Laundry - check
Bake chocolate sticks (chocolate chip pan cookies) - check
Learn how to upload photos - check!
Update blog - check!
Work on Liat's light blue V neck top - check
Work on Meital's puppy
Make another card
Genealogy research

Still a lot left to do, and not much more time, so I will say bye for now. Thanks for not giving up on me.


allie aller said...

It's so appropriate that "sweep" and "iron" are toward the bottom of your list!
Thanks for commenting on my blog about my strange "Burner Bag". Glad you like the idea!

Joansie said...

I love everything you made but the Puss 'N Boots is so adorable!

Sandy said...

Glad you liked the artwork. How's your dad? The collage for Liat's friend is so nice. What a great collaborative project for you and your daughter. I love doing projects with my kids. I still don't know how you find time for all of this work, but it looks like you're having fun with knitting, arting, and baking, YUM.