Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Don't Wanna Grow Up

I am very lucky to have a family who doesn't complain when I'd rather bake pecan bars (with and without chocolate on top) than make dinner - though today I did both - or knit stuff instead of dusting the living room.

Because if you give me even the slightest opportunity to choose, I will always do what is fun, rather than what is responsible.

Today I did some of both, though, as mentioned in paragraph one. In addition to knitting and baking, I mended clothes, did laundry, and finally, at long last...

...updated Liat's denim jacket. The four patches I sewed on today were purchased on our 2007 vacation. We bought the jacket itself in Maine in 2006, and Liat had the brilliant idea of displaying her patch collection (a work in progress) on the back. Too bad she doesn't have patches from all of our trips - it would have made a cool record of all of our destinations. Even so, it's a fun piece of clothing. Too bad sewing the patches on is anything but fun. At least that's done until we take another trip.

Of course, the list of things I didn't get done today doesn't bear mentioning. But after all, I need to leave something for tomorrow's To Do list.


Joansie said...

Yummy! Your kitchen must always smell good.

A jacket from Maine!!! Need I say more!! Is that the same year you were in Vermont, merely a few weeks before we became blogging friends?

Tama said...

oooo, nice jacket! and your day sounds like a lot of fun.
Spent mine baking bread, and watching relatives inhale it. What is it about fresh bread...?

LizzieK8 said...

"But after all, I need to leave something for tomorrow's To Do list."
Absolutely! Think how awful you'd feel if you got up and gasp! there was nothing to do! ;)

Anonymous said...

Those pecan bars look yummy. Do you have a recipe? They would be perfect for a traveling Thanksgiving dessert.